Tones & Textures

Designs created in 2 layers with an featuring combinations of tones and textures. 


24 in Full Light Hyndrangeas on Periwinkle for web_edited.jpg

Inspired by the queen of the garden, this pattern features brush-drawn elements combined with hand-painted textures to create a very soft look. This large pattern can be adapted for home goods and apparel.

Ai File - RGB - 24in square - Full Repeat
Periwinkle and Lilac colorways



My garden was plentiful of zinnia flowers in reds, pinks, oranges and creams. The simple 2 layer design can be applied to either a damask or printed surface.
Check out the various colorways.

Ai File - RGB - 12in square - Brick Repeat
Pumpkin Spice
Orange Zest

Pumpkin Spice Zinna Brick for web_edited.jpg

21-TTDA  Peach 

21-TTDA Raspberry 

Peach Lighter on Pink Grunge for web_edited.jpg
Lilac on Pink Grunge repeated for web_edited.jpg


This pattern features a soft textured background behind silhouetted flowers. It's large size can be reduced for a smaller scale design.

Ai File - RGB - 12in square - Half Drop 

Blue Spots for header WS.jpg
GratienArt and Designs logo for WS.png