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"Julie doesn't live in a black and white world, nor does she paint one!"
Judith Haynes Levins, Watercolor Artist

Passion for Color

My life is filled with color, the driving force behind my art and designs. As a student at Syracuse University I fell in love with color and all it has to offer. I think, dream and speak of color. By accentuating the colors in my subjects, I seek to transfer my passion for color and evoke positive feelings of joy, hope and serenity. My art is my way of sharing my color-filled world.

painting color.jpg
Plein Air at Lorenzo garden.jpg

Discovering Nature

As a lifelong learner, I continue to search and look for new discoveries in nature. I’m drawn to nature’s jewels, not taking any for granted. I become excited when I come upon a new blossom, feel peace among the forest trees, feel amazed at reflections in water and have an incredible sense of joy observing flower gardens.

Innovating Process

I live for change. Part of change is experimenting with traditional materials and methods. My mixed media collage technique began with the purchase of a single piece of fibrous paper followed by a series of “What ifs?” What if I tore this? What if I painted on this? What happens if I add more paint to the edge? What if I layer these papers? Developing a unique mixed media process is very satisfying.

Julie arranging 2_edited.jpg

Surface Pattern Design

My surface pattern designs are created with a variety of techniques including hand-drawn and painted elements as well as digital painting. I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate to create the patterns and make them usable on apparel, home goods, stationary and more.

Sharing through Teaching

My 20+ years as an art educator has enabled me to learn so much from my students and mutually share the joy of creating. My contribution to humanity is to spread my positive outlook and my gift of hope. I strive to convey this attitude through my art and designs.


Thank you for taking the time to be part of my color-filled world!

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